AoJ Weekly #8 – Solving an Law Enforcement Injustice (How to File an Affidavit)

In this week’s episode the Archangels talk about the Pravin Varughese case, who was a 19-year-old Southern Illinois student murdered after receiving a ride home from a party. The police originally declared his death hypothermia but after the Archangels investigated they found his case to be a clear-cut murder. Even after providing evidence to the local law enforcement that it was murder it took a well-orchestrated PR campaign to get authorities to reinvestigate the case. Sal and Ira then talk about the process of filing an affidavit and how easily they can be ignored. Lastly, we talk about whether there is a theme to these inept investigations and whether there is anything that we can do about, so they don’t happen in the future. Subscribe today and never miss an episode for Archangels of Justice!