AoJ Weekly #1 – Guardianship Abuse

In the first episode, the Archangels of Justice speak with Marcia Southwick from the NASGA about guardianship abuse. We begin by talking about the basics of guardianship, where it came from and how the law has been misused, misapplied, or manipulated. We look at the people who are most at risk for abuse and how to prevent this from happening to you or someone you love.

We asked Marcia a few questions about about the tricks guardianship companies use to get the elderly to sign over their rights (

Marcia, Sal and Ira share some stories about the people they have helped throughout the years and everything they had to go through even though their clients where in the right. This is a problem in every state and can effect every single person in the United States.

Next we talk about NASGA (National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse) and their mission:

  • To protect the civil/human rights – life, liberty and property – of vulnerable persons described as “incompetent” and made wards of the state in unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships;
  • To end financial exploitation of their wards’ assets by court-appointed fiduciaries* who, instead of conserving their wards’ assets as required by law, force previously financially able wards onto Medicaid at Taxpayer expense;
  • To be a support organization for families battling court-appointed “protectors” who permit due process and other violations of law to occur, including physical and mental abuse and isolation; and
  • To obtain reform – through outreach, education and advocacy – by meaningful amendment of existing statutes and increased penalties against violations of law.

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