AoJ Weekly #2 – Wrongful Convictions

In this week’s episode, the Archangels speak with Private Investigator Dave Beers and Truth in Justice President Sheila Berry. Both have dedicated their life to helping the wrongfully convicted get out of prison. We begin with Part 1 Dave Beers who as a police officer was wrongfully prosecuted and had to fight to stay out of prison. This wrongful prosecution cost him his job but push into a career of helping those in the same situation. As the conversation moves along, we talk about some of the cases he has worked on and solutions he sees to try to fix these problems in society.

In part 2, we speak with Sheila Berry who is the President of Truth in Justice (, we begin with a conversation about Truth in Justice and problems in our justice system. We then move into the statistics of people incarcerated in the United States and how many could be wrongfully convicted. Sheila then talks about some of the solutions to these problems and the attitudes of prosecutors. We finally discuss the steps people can take in their own communities to help the wrongfully convicted get out of prison.

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