AoJ Weekly #6 – WWII Vet Exploited by Guardian pt. 2

In second part of our two-part series about a corrupt guardianship in Nevada. We finish our conversation with Becky Schultz, whose father was exploited personally by Jared Shafer. We pick up right were we left off in part 1 and continue our conversation about Jared Shafer and his company that have been doing this in Nevada for over 38 years. Becky then talks about the articles that featured her father’s case in the New Yorker and Las Vegas Review Journal.

As we move further in our conversation, we bring up the current Democratic Senator from Nevada and former Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto, who continually ignored Becky pleas and has still not addressed this problem, even today. We then ask Becky about her lawsuit and all the problems it has caused for her family. The last topic we discuss is anything different she would have done if it happened to her again and how to avoid it in your own life. Subscribe today and never miss an episode from Archangels of Justice!