AoJ Weekly #5 – WWII Vet Exploited by Guardian pt. 1

In part one of a two-part series, we speak with Becky Schultz about her father, Guadalupe Olvera, and the experience she had with a guardianship in Nevada. Her father was a WW2 vet and 89 years old at the time. Becky has been fighting against this abusive guardian, Jared Shafer in Nevada courts for over 8 years. The police departments have little to no interest in her case and the justice department has ignored her pleas, listen to her story but understand that this happens in every state across the country and many people find out when it’s too late.

In the first episode, we hear Becky tell her horrifying story and how they ended up in this mess. We hear Guadalupe pleading with the court to allow him to live with his daughter in California and the judge ignoring him. Becky then tells us how she snuck him out of his house in the middle of the night and never took him back. Subscribe today and never miss an episode from Archangels of Justice!