AoJ Weekly #10 – Jennifer Heard Pt. 1

After missing last week, Archangels of Justice Weekly is back with a truly troubling episode about a child being abused by his father and a mother desperately fighting for her son’s safety. In part 1 of 2, we speak with Jennifer Heard, ex-Detective of the Martin County Sheriffs, about the case involving her son and the failures by different government agencies that continue to this day. The failures were exacerbated by an inept Department of Children and Family investigator, a vindictive Sheriff’s department, and incompetent judge. Their complete lack of accountability in this case only stands to highlight the problems with our, “justice system” but also begs the question, who do you turn to when the people who are supposed to protect you simply fail in doing their job? In these next two episodes we talk to Jennifer about her fight to protect her son from his father, a man that according to a court ordered psych evaluation was found to have narcissistic, anti-social personality disorder, and possibly, a sociopath. Subscribe today and never miss an episode from Archangels of Justice!