AoJ Weekly #11 – Jennifer Heard Interview Pt. 2

In this week’s episode, the Archangels finish their interview with ex-Detective of the Martin County Sheriffs, Jennifer Heard. We pick up the interview, talking about the treatment she received at the hands of Judge Richard B. Burk, in the Martin County courts, which calls into question his ability to protect the public. Then Archangel Investigator, Sal Rastrelli, who worked with Jennifer, shares how she was treated in Martin County Sheriff’s Office and the culture created by Sheriff William Snyder. As we continue our interview, Jennifer talks about how the father of her child used his in friends in the court system of Martin County to manipulate the truth and continue abusing his son. Even after Judge Richard B. Burke acknowledged that he believed the child was being sexually abused and he still put that child back into the house of a predator. Jennifer then talks about the investigation, or lack thereof, by the Florida Department of Children & Families and their lead investigator, Joseph Martin. We then talk about how Jennifer’s son is doing today and whether Judge Burke allowed him to get the help he needed. In the end, Jennifer talks about advice she would give to other families and how she will continue to fight for her son.  Subscribe today and never miss an episode from Archangels of Justice Weekly!