AoJ Weekly #12 – Stephon Clark Shooting

Now that the smoke has somewhat cleared, and we have more information about the Stephon Clark shooting, the Archangels talk about the incident. We begin by playing the actual 911 that lead Sacramento Police to Stephon’s location, Sal talks about what happened according to reports. After listening to the police audio from the shooting, Sal and Ira discuss whether the police should be charged with murder. Sal and Ira then talk about the media coverage of this shooting and the problems it causes between the public and police. We discuss why it does more harm than good and why the statistics do not back up that the police are targeting black people. Sal and Ira then discuss other police shootings that were “bad” police shootings, that received little to no media attention. Sal and Ira give their final thoughts on this case and the media portrayal of this event. Subscribe today and never miss an episode from Archangels of Justice!