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AoJ Weekly #2 – Wrongful Convictions

In this week’s episode, the Archangels speak with Private Investigator Dave Beers and Truth in Justice President Sheila Berry. Both have dedicated their life to helping the wrongfully convicted get out of prison. We begin with Part 1 Dave Beers who as a police officer was wrongfully prosecuted and had to fight to stay out … Continue reading AoJ Weekly #2 – Wrongful Convictions

AoJ Weekly #1 – Guardianship Abuse

In the first episode, the Archangels of Justice speak with Marcia Southwick from the NASGA about guardianship abuse. We begin by talking about the basics of guardianship, where it came from and how the law has been misused, misapplied, or manipulated. We look at the people who are most at risk for abuse and how to … Continue reading AoJ Weekly #1 – Guardianship Abuse