AoJ Weekly #3 – Treatment of Civilian vs. Police After Shootings

Are civilians treated differently than Law Enforcement officers in the wake of a deadly force situation? Sal, Ira and Joe speak with nationally recognized expert in police practices and witness for the defense of George Zimmerman, Dennis Root, about this question. Also, we look at other cases where police officers are given preferential treatment after a victim turned up dead, after what can be considered a questionable shooting. Dennis goes into what a civilian should do if they find themselves in a deadly force situation and how to talk to officers at the scene. Sal and Ira share their experience with cases where Police Officers were given medals after a questionable shooting and the relationship between the District Attorney’s office and police officers. Dennis, Sal and Ira share the solutions they see for the problem to fix it for good and the importance of transparency during the investigations of officer involved shootings. Lastly, Dennis talks about the George Zimmerman case and how the media distorted the truth of what really happened that tragic night. Subscribe today, so you don’t miss any of the latest from Archangels of Justice.

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