AoJ Weekly #4 – How to Speak with a Law Enforcement Official

This week the Archangels speak with Walter Stern, a defense attorney out of Wisconsin and someone who was wrongfully charged with money laundering. The charges were eventually overturned but after a 3-year battle he got his license back, he now fights for others who find themselves in similar circumstances. We begin by talking about his personal experience, what he went through and how he feels about it today. We then talk about what civilians should do in a similar situation and their rights. Next Sal, Ira and Walter talk about what a person should do if they are brought in for questioning by police, guilty or innocent. The conversation then leads us to what citizens should do if they are pulled over for a DUI or other traffic violations and the things that they should or should not say to police.

This takes us to the problems with the District Attorney’s office and their quest for convictions at any cost. The relationship between the DAs office and law enforcement can become tricky when there is real corruption. Walter and the Archangels talk about the solutions they see to the problem and if the problem is even fixable.

From the Archangels of Justice:

This podcast is meant to inform people of their rights and give background into the mindset of law enforcement. Hopefully, this will serve as a means of discussion and not seen as an attempt to teach people how to break the law, thank you.

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